So you are thinking green, but not sure where to start?

This webpage may help.

Of all the things you can do to reduce energy and resource use, minimizing the size of your home is the most important. CRG can work with you to reduce overall square footage, promote green qualities, and ultimately design a home that reflects your values.

We use a design from our portfolio (aka Lil' Gem) to illustrate numerous green features that you may want to consider as you plan your new home or remodel. Some of these ideas are simple, others should prompt in-depth discussions with your designer or contractor. Because many of these features will affect other choices you make it is critical to work with your designer in developing an integrated approach, well before building begins.

Lil' Gem is a small two-bedroom home with an open floor plan, clean lines, and a contemporary style. Take a virtual walk through Lil' Gem, and note ideas that you can incorporate into your new home!

(If you are interested, plans for Lil' Gem are available that can be adapted to your particular needs.)

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