CRG strives to achieve the following goals in the design of each project:

  • Meet client needs and desires
  • Create a home or building that embodies the architectural values of beauty, simplicity and universal appeal
  • Support ecological relationship to surrounding site and community
  • Integrate sustainable values

    While sustainability is only part of our design approach, it has always been critical to the development of healthy and enduring buildings. CRG will promote the following principles of sustainablility into the design of each project:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • A Healthy Living Environment
  • Conservation

    There are no perfect “green” solutions appropriate to every circumstance. “Creating a green building means matching the products and materials to a specific design and site to minimize the overall environmental impact.” ( Building materials and products, green and not so green, are myriad. At CRG, our goal is to develop appropriate green alternatives that fit the preferences, circumstances and budget of each client.

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